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Whether you are a serial entrepreneur with a diversified portfolio or the owner operator of a sole SME, selling a business is an important decision.

Selling in the right way is key to maximising the value you receive on sale. Selling a business can be stressful, but RadiusCF utilise our experience to make the process as smooth and successful as possible. Preparing a business for sale can be a time-consuming process, and following that progress through to a successful sale can be difficult – but we are here to help manage that.

On business disposal mandates the matters we consider are as follows:

  • Preparing the business for sale (preparation is key and making sure documentation is fully in place and good governance procedures are in place are key to a smooth sale)
  • Discussing the optimum timing for a sale
  • Discussing the best way to market the sale to prospective purchasers
  • Defining the sales value
  • Prepare a Sales Memorandum, where appropriate
  • Creating a data room of key information for interested parties, where appropriate
  • Gathering sale-side due diligence
  • Dealing with problems that can arise in the sale process
  • Structuring the deal to ensure the maximum value is realised.
Business Disposals case study


Case Study: Business DisposalsSector: Professional Services
Size: £3.5m

Our client grew a highly successful professional services firm. We opened discussions with the client to discuss areas that would be examined in most detail in a sale.

At the start of our engagement with the existing business owner we helped highlight matters that would maximise the value of his business and make it more ready to sell. We approached various parties who would be interested in buying the business. We structured a deal with the purchasers and oversaw the legal process, and structured the deal to enable the ongoing EBITDA of the business to fund the purchase.

Case Study: Business DisposalsSector: Engineering
Size: £12m

Our client grew a highly successful engineering business. They had a key relationship with an end customer and RadiusCF explored a prospective interest, taking this from an initial interest to full purchase.

We helped structure a deal between the original owners and oversaw the legal process. The deal was subject to significant due diligence (tax, financial and commercial) and RadiusCF led this process.