Directorship, Shareholding & Trustee Support

SpecialismsDirectorship, Shareholding & Trustee Support

At RadiusCF we understand the value of a fresh set of eyes on a business, particularly when new perspectives from other industries or structures can add value to a business and its shareholders.

We also appreciate the value of proper governance and structure around shareholding and voting rights to provide protection for when unexpected events occur.

There are no case studies in this section due to the sensitivities involved, but our experience includes:

  • Attending key management meetings
  • Attending board meetings as Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) or, on other occasions, Chairing Board Meetings
  • Commencing formal directorships (i.e. formal directors as per the company’s register)
  • Providing commercial advice on Shareholders Agreements (SHAs)
  • Provide advice on share rights
  • Helping to design long term incentive plans and bonus structures for clients or their key employees
  • Commencing formal trustee positions in respect of trusts that may govern the ownership of a company or someone’s estate