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At RadiusCF we understand that busy entrepreneurs face more issues than just the businesses they are involved in – though the two are invariably linked.

Succession Planning

The success of second- and third-generation family businesses is hard to deliver. Impartiality in these situations is often in short supply and RadiusCF are well placed to provide objective advice in managing family relationships and to structure clear roles for different family members to ensure the ongoing success of the business. These situations are generally complicated with siblings having various active and passive roles in the business and other key personnel needing to be motivated.

Pension Review

We understand that, despite the fact that most entrepreneurs feel mentally young forever, their age continues to grow – so planning for retirement is important. Pensions, through structures such as SIPPs and SASS, can be used to help build up wealth that is useful to the trading businesses that the entrepreneur is involved with, or to give someone the chance to use property as part of a diversified portfolio of assets to help contribute to an overall wealth position.

Statement of Affairs Review and Lifestyle Overview

External review of an entrepreneur’s goals and wealth are hugely important. This helps guide the day-to-day relationships with the trading businesses that they run, as well as helping them feel structured and content in their personal lives.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, but services provided have included:

  • Statement of Affairs review
  • Income and Expenditure review
  • Pension review
  • Will structuring
  • IHT planning and structuring
  • Consideration of wealth managers and investment portfolio managers

All of the above involve the integration with professional third parties and ensuring that our clients wishes are planned for in the best manner possible.

Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder disputes can be a huge drain on the fortunes of the individual shareholders and businesses to which the disputes pertain. These disputes happen more regularly than people would think and forging a way forward requires subtlety and expertise.

We have acted for majority and minority shareholders to ensure successful resolutions to longstanding disagreements, while ensuring that the underlying trading businesses do not suffer, in the timeliest way possible.