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Drawing from direct banking experience, intimate relationships with a wide range of funders and years of assisting clients in acquiring a wide range of debt products , RadiusCF have, in recent years, advised on debt mandates in the hundreds of millions. Whether raising debt for new projects or managing relationships with existing funders, we are well positioned to advise on all debt related matters.

Our market-leading knowledge of a wide range of debt products, paired with a strong understanding of the inner workings of bank credit committees and procedures, allows us to ensure our clients’ funding proposals are credible, realistic, appropriately structured and ultimately fundable.

We strive to deliver the best possible financing situation for clients, weighing up interest costs, other deal costs, security requirements and ensure anything that is unique to the circumstances of the borrower is documented.

An overview of the most common debt solutions we assist our clients with are as follows:

Senior Debt

Senior debt is the term used for traditional loans from mainstream banks. It is the cheapest form of financing for businesses – but the lower cost comes with a higher level of scrutiny, covenants and ongoing compliance for most businesses than for other forms or finance.

Radius CF have acquired new senior debt for many clients across all active UK and Irish pillar banks, as well as refinancing a number of clients from one pillar bank to another. Scenarios we actively work with senior debt providers include:

  • Funding for business acquisitions
  • Funding for capital expenditure
  • Working with clients to ensure continued covenant compliance (and managing situations where there are breaches)
  • Managing customers who are dissatisfied with their current funder and are seeking an alternative solution
  • Working with customers to improve their current banking facility (tweaking items like margin, term of lending, debt amortisation profile, terms of covenants, security requirements etc.)
  • Exploring options such as fixing debt where appropriate
  • Reviewing day-to-day banking facilities and ensuring that systems are optimised
Business Finance: Senior Debt Case Study


Case Study: Senior Debt Sector: Mixed
Size: £20m+

Our client has several trading businesses. Over recent years with this client we have: