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RadiusCF are experienced in preparing business plans accompanied by financial models, demonstrating an integrated P+L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statement for a wider variety of uses (reviewing and setting internal plans and budgets, internal investment decisions, external finance acquisition etc.).

Throughout, RadiusCF provide insightful commercial and strategic input to ensure that the most important things stay in focus, while ensuring that the important small details are also not skipped.

We also appreciate that not everything in a business can go smoothly all the time. When significant issues present themselves, RadiusCF are well experienced in navigating these tough periods and providing solutions and plans to bridge the area of difficulty and continue onwards.

Business Plans & Strategic Advice case study


Case Study: Business Plans & Strategic AdviceSector: Hospitality
Size: £6m

Our client was enduring a challenging period of trade, paired with the withdrawal of support from their key senior debt provider. RadiusCF helped formulate a five-year plan to improve core trading performance, using this as the basis to refinance the business and finding another supportive senior debt provider (and, in the process, reducing the interest margin paid and increasing the debt amortisation profile, helping boost the accumulation of free cashflow in the business).